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Kid’s Dentistry in Brooklyn

We see lots and lots of kids! Prevention of cavities by getting your children in at a very young age is paramount. With a warm and comforting experience for both you and your children, the environment we create makes your little ones want to go to the dentist. Yes, it can really happen!

Common Pediatric Dental Treatments


Prevention is key. Sealants are usually placed on the adult molars which come in at 6 years old and 12 years old. Sealants “seal” the deep crevices on the chewing surfaces of these molars and are highly effective in preventing cavities from forming there.


If there are very early signs of decay, sometimes changes in diet, hygiene practices, and the implementation other preventive recommendations could stabilize the early signs of decay and prevent the tooth from ever needed a filling.


The goal is to never to have to place a filling in your child’s tooth. However, cavities do happen. The typical treatment for a cavity is a tooth colored filling.


If the cavity enters the nerve then the tooth needs a portion of the nerve removed. A pulpotomy removes the top part of the nerve. This is sometimes referred to as a baby tooth root canal. Cavities grow faster in baby teeth than adult teeth so prevention and early detection is very important.


If the cavity in the tooth is so big that the tooth can not be saved with either a filling or a pulpotomy, then the tooth should be removed. This is the last resort.

Space Maintainers

These are sometimes needed to hold the space for an adult tooth to come in if a baby tooth had to be extracted.

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